• Now If we want to climb Mt.Rinjani, it is very easy prosses, just registration at the Rinjani National Park office, get a ticket and go. but it is very diffrent with trekking proses about 30 years ago, we must to do some of ritual. One of them is NTAOQ LEKOQ BUAQ. On the night before climbing Mt.Rinjani the trekkers usually stay in Senaru for a ceremony called Ntaoq Lekoq Buaq as a sign that they will enter a holy area and should purity themselves of unholy intention. In the Ntaoq Lekoq Buaq ritual betel mix and and a sum of money are given to the Melokaq ( the adat leader, also called Mangku ) as special offerings.

    Conducting the Ntaoq Lekoq Buaq is the way to pray for health and safety during the trip to the mountain and on the way back. In the evening the Mangku conducts a Nekolang ceremony with offerings and makes spiritual communication with the invisible rurer in Mt.Rinjani to say that the next day some people will climb the mountain. The Mangku makes the blessing with a red sembeq mark using betel and lime which he has chewed.

    On a traditional sacred journey the Mangku or his deputy continues to remind the trekkers to always remember the creator and keep good, clean and holy intentions, avoid antisocial pr sexual acts during the trip, only talk as much as needed in the Mt.Rinjani area. It is also prohibited to cut the trees and call to out someone’s name from a distance-instead just call someone by using a code name.