Our Food and Bevarage during the trek.

For breakfast : TOAST with ( egg,cheese,tomato,ect ) +fruid salad. PANCAKE with ( banana,panaple,ect ). Hot drinks : black coffee, hot tea, milk. Chocolate, ect.

Food for lunc and dinner: – special fried chicken+fruit salad – special fried rice+fruit salad – spagety bolognize+fruit salad – chicken+egg+noodle+vegetable soup+fruit salad – Gado-gado ( boiled vegetable with peanut sauce on it ) +fruit salad – chicken+egg+vegetable curry+fruit salad. Fried noodle+fruit salad.

Every meal difference food.

SOFT DRINKS : – coke, sprite, fanfa, pocari sweat, puply orange,ect.

HOT DRINKS: – black Senaru coffee, brawn tea, hot chocolate, milk, nescafe,ect. Mineral Water: 3 liters per day each.