• green rinjani trekking

    Gunung Rinjani or mt.Rinjani have varieties of flora anf fauna, mt.Rinjani also is well-known as the most iconic mountain in lombok that provides a planty mesmerizing places to explore. Enriched with many unique varieties of flora and fauna saved in the nature situation. A number of treking companies are nowadays ranning an environmental program such like planting tree throughout trekking. As one of trekkig compay we highly support the program, we also take an action on how to look after the trees by using gases as our particular cooking gears without any woods taken directly from nature. This is thought as one of the most positif way to perserve Mt.Rinjani. Let’s create a new experience by climbing mt.Rinjani and make it clean and k  save green Rinjani by doing plan a trees in every trip.